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Vote April 7

Check out our Voter Guide for information on the candidates and the election procedures. Also links to the County and State election website.

Check Out Our Spring 2015 Voter's Guide
(See "This Election" also linked on main navigation bar at top of page)

Housing in Glen Ellyn

The League of Women Voters of Glen Ellyn is concerned about housing issues in Glen Ellyn. Based on our longtime studies and positions, the League has sent letters to our local elected officials and local newspapers to raise awareness of our concerns. Read the letters here.

Spring 2015 Voter is out - Download

Fact for Voters Available Now

Facts for Voters is a free publication produced and distributed by the League of Women Voters of Glen Ellyn volunteers (Thank you to the volunteers who put this helpful pamphlet together!). In it you will find information about local elected officials and boards.

Download Facts 4 Voters

April 2015

Lots Happening at League in April

Election day April 7...check out our candidate guide for backgrounders on the candidates.

April 23 - Annual Meeting Dinner 6:15 at Glen Oak Country Club - Watch your mail for an invitation.

The LWVGE Raises Awareness About Housing Issues in Glen Ellyn

Read our Letters to local elected officials and local newspaper editors about our concerns.

Get the Winter 2015 Voter
Download the LWVGE's quarterly newsletter

September and October 2014 Observer Corps Reports Posted

New observer reports for the September and October meetings of the College of DuPage board have been posted by the LWVGE Observer Corps which has been following the C.O.D. board of directors for over five years. See the reports here.

There is no shortage of things to do, ways to learn, and opportunities to make a difference. Help us by becoming a member.

League Groups

There are many groups within League that do special things. These include our

LWVGE Book Club

Great Decisions and

the LWVGE Mental Health Study Group

each group is doing great work. Follow by clicking on that specific group's page within the "Groups Within League" page.

LWV Agricultural Consensus Meeting


Agricultural Consensus Meeting Draws Crowd, Meaningful Discussion

League members gathered on April 12th, 2014, to practice what it does best: learning,discussing, coming to consensus and providing guidance to LWVUS so that we, from the grassroots to the LWVUS lobbyist, can take action on a topic of vital importance. Click here to read the backgrounders.


Read more: LWV Agricultural Consensus Meeting

Article Archives Index

Mental Health First Aid - all about the class LWVGE sponsored and featured to help dispel the stigma of mental illness and train community members how to recognize symptons and help people who might be suffering.

Pension Study - notes, files, and records from the League's 2012 pension study.

DuPage is Changing - report from October 2013 unit meeting - Stunning Facts Wow Audience.

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