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Coming Up Summer 2017

July 31 – 7:00 pm - New Member Wine Tasting at Amy Hohulin’s.

Aug. 29 - 7:00 pm – Kick-Off Meeting - tentatively scheduled at Blackberry Market.

September 21 – 7:15 pm - Community Meeting (Topic & Speaker to be announced) at Civic Center, Glen Ellyn

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Summer 2017

July 31 – 7:00 pm - New Member Wine Tasting at Amy Hohulin’s. By invitation. If you are interested in joining, visit our join page.

Aug. 17 – 7:15 pm – Board Meeting – Civic Center

Aug. 29 - 7:00 pm – Kick-Off Meeting - tentatively scheduled at Blackberry Market.

Sept. 7 – 7:15 p.m. – Board Meeting – Civic Center

September 21 – 7:15 pm - Community Meeting (Topic & Speaker to be announced) at Civic Center, Glen Ellyn

Want to Contact Your Legislator?

Contacting your legislators to let them know what you think is a basic American right. Often, legislators say they tally the responses they receive from constituents in order to make decisions about how to vote in the legislative bodies where they serve. To learn more about how to contact your legislator, check out this publication from the League of Women Voters of Illinois: Making Your Voice Heard.
LWVGE Book Club
Just in time with the temperatures rising the summer read has been selected!
It is News of the World by Paulette Jiles.  This book is a lovely story, a historical fiction, with situations that relate to present day. Starts off slow but stick with it.
We will meet at 9am on July 29th at Michelle Peterson's 579 Riford Rd., Glen Ellyn.  Copies will be available at the library end of June. You can also find it on Audible, a great listen!
Come join a lively discussion. Click here for a list of other books we have read.

If you want to get a head start on Fall selection it will be American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures by Colin Woodard.

Voters Approve State Constitutional Amendment 


"Safe Roads Amendment" a/k/a/ "Transportation Spending Lockbox Amendment"


The amendment provides that revenue raised for transportation-related purposes must be used as intended – it cannot be “swept” to address another cause.

HISTORY: In 2015, more than $500 million--~25% of the "road" funds collected--were diverted.  Those funds come from highway tolls, vehicle registration and license fees, and motor fuel taxes (19₵/gal. for gasoline; 21.5₵ /gal. for diesel).

Transportation Lockbox Constitutional Amendment: Ends Justify Means?

Illinois voters were asked whether spending on transportation programs, enforcement, & infrastructure should be protected under the Illinois Constitution. Protecting transportation funds for their intended purpose is important, but doing so through a Constitutional Amendment would be bad government. The Constitution should provide a general framework, not give preferential treatment to one essential need. Rather than protecting only transportation, the Constitution should protect funding for all essential State obligations--education, health care, public safety. The reason behind this proposed amendment is lack of adequate revenues to pay for State programs. The Governor and General Assembly are responsible for raising sufficient revenue to meet our State needs, preparing a budget, and appropriating revenue accordingly. Both branches of government have failed in their jobs, so the legislature chose to kick the revenue and appropriation issues to the voters when it comes to transportation spending. Other aspects of the amendment are also troubling. Transportation funds could never be used in the case of a State emergency and this amendment takes the authority for appropriations and allocation of funds out of the hands of our elected public officials. Rigid constitutional language has had unintended negative consequences in the past for our state. The state legislature’s current practice of diverting transportation funds into the General Revenue Fund should stop. Voters decided locking these funds up, even in the case of a State emergency, is really in the best interests of Illinois residents.

Mary Kubasak, President League of Women Voters of Illinois October 20, 2016


October 31, 2016
Fact Sheet: The "Safe Roads Amendment" Is Bad Policy for Illinois
The SRA would amend the state constitution to require that transportation-related revenues be spent only for transportation-related purposes. Proponents claim the amendment is necessary because the state diverts funds meant for transportation to other purposes, leaving insufficient resources for road and railway maintenance and construction.
While Illinois' transportation infrastructure does need investment, the SRA is not a good solution. The Amendment's text is both sweeping and vague, leaving unclear a) which revenue streams it would lock into transportation uses, and b) what exactly would count as a transportation use. A plain reading of the amendment suggests that it would apply to revenue streams that are not currently used for, or meant to be used for, transportation, diverting money from other crucial programs-including over $240 million from the City of Chicago's general operations, and $30 million from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.
More fundamentally, the SRA misdiagnoses the reason that Illinois under-invests not just in transportation, but in other important services as well. The state simply does not have enough revenue to cover its expenses, and moving money from one expenditure to another without increasing total resources will not solve the problem.
Finally, using a constitutional amendment to make this change, rather than a regular statute, means that any unintended consequences of the SRA will be very difficult to remedy. In fact, no changes would be possible until the next statewide election in two years. For this reason, using the Illinois Constitution as a budgeting tool is unwise, and will aggravate the problems caused by the SRA if it passes.
For more information, contact Daniel Hertz at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 312-332-1481.



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