League Links
League of Women Voters of Illinois
League of Women Voter of USA

Coalition Memberships
Glen Ellyn Cool Cities Blog
Illinois Campaign for Political Reform
Change Illinois - Limits to Campaign Contributions for Candidates
Illinois Campaign for Better Healthcare - learn about upcoming healthcare changes related to Obamacare

Government Websites
DuPage County Election Commission
Village of Glen Ellyn - a good site with village meeting schedules, minutes, etc.Links

Glen Ellyn Civic Betterment Organization
Civic Betterment Home Page

Legislative Districts
Determining your legislative district depends upon your address. In Glen Ellyn, generally people reside in either of the two representative districts:

Federal Congressional Districts
District 6
District 8

State Senate Districts
District 23
District 24

General Assembly (State Representative)
District 46
District 48

Note: Legislative district maps linked above are from and maintained by the Illinois State Board of Elections website. The maps change every ten years (next change in 2021) based on the ten-year census initiative mandated by Congress and implemented by the United States of America Census Bureau.