Local Issues Director: Jayne Boeckelman The League of Women Voters of Glen Ellyn

Our chapter of the League follows major issues of interest to our membership; each area is the responsibility of a local issues director.  They track legislation and items of particular timely interest. Our Observer Corps attends meetings to report back to the board and members on key issues.




Community Consolidated School District 89 serves more than 2,000 pre-school through middle school students from Glen Ellyn, Lombard, and Wheaton, Illinois. The District includes four elementary schools and one middle school. Due to increased enrollment, boundary changes for individual schools are being phased in starting in the 2018-19 school year. More information can be found on their website

School District 41 serves about 3,600 children from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade in four elementary schools and one junior high. Students are served from parts of Glendale Heights, Carol Stream, Glen Ellyn, Lombard and Wheaton. The District is currently involved in a building program of an addition at Hadley Junior High and a renovation of the entrance to Churchill Elementary School—both funded by a referendum passed in 2017. At the Board meeting on December, 2018, the League of Women Voters of Glen Ellyn read a letter urging the Board to request the maximum levy permitted under the current guidelines to help assure adequate funding in the future. Later in the meeting the D41 Board voted 4-3 to request the same amount as the current levy with no increase. Visit for up-to-date information and to view Board meetings.

Glenbard District 87 consists of four high schools located in Carol Stream, Lombard, and two in Glen Ellyn. The Glenbard Parent Series with a wide variety of presentations is available to the public. Information about the district and the Parent Series is available at www.glenbard


SCHOOLS: LWVIL supports a system of high quality elementary and secondary schools for all children in Illinois, which provides for local control of school program and budget within minimum program requirements set by the State. The State should provide leadership to local communities for program development and should set standards for recognition and accreditation of schools. Educational programs’ effectiveness should be evaluated regularly. The League favors minimum standards for graduation and promotion of students. LWVIL supports increased professionalism for teachers including stringent teacher preparation standards, comprehensive teacher and principal evaluations, changes in tenure, and increased teacher compensation. The State should assume the major responsibility for funding public schools and guarantee an adequate level of financial support. Schools should be provided stable, reliable, and adequate revenue through a combination of federal, state and local sources.

LWVIL supports accountability, transparency, and equity in the use of public funds for education, including charter schools. Charter school authorizers should evaluate the performance of existing charters before granting new charters or approving additional campuses. The authority for approving and renewing charters should reside exclusively in the local school board.

Latest EDUCATION Observer Group Report

D41 Observers – Michelle Peterson and I have been attending D41 Board meetings for more than two years. We have written reports to be placed on the LWVGE website. District 41 is now posting summaries of the meetings on their website and linking the discussions to the actual time on the archived videos of the meetings. We encourage interested parties to visit and click on School Board. Board videos and summaries of the meetings can be found at this link. We are continuing to observe the meetings and will report on items of interest.

Jayne Boeckelman


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