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What is the deadline for voter registration?

The registration deadline is generally 30 days prior to the election. After that, there is a grace period for voters who go to the DuPage County Election Commission office or other sites to vote. 

To be eligible to vote:

A person must 1) be a US citizen, 2) be 18 yrs. old by the next general election and 3) must show two forms of identification, one having the correct current address in order to be eligible to register to vote. 

How do I register to vote?

Eligible persons may also register to vote online at In addition, persons applying for an Illinois driver’s license or state id will also have the opportunity to register to vote at the same time.

The easiest way is to register online via the Illinois Online Voter Application and look up your current voter status. You can visit the DuPage County Election Commission page to learn more.

Watch the League's Facebook page (visible from our home page) for League Voter Registration activities where a League member may register you. You can also attend a League meeting, as many members are voter registrars and may be able to register you right there.

Where do I vote?

On election day, there are polling places throughout the community, however, you must vote at the location assigned to you.   To find your specific voting location, click here.

You should also receive a postcard in the mail that will give you the address of your voting location.

When can I vote?

Many communities offer early voting.  Glen Ellyn does.  The DuPage County Election Commission has established the Glen Ellyn Civic Center as an early voting site. Early voting begins at this site generally about 2.5 weeks prior to the election. Visit here for more information on early voting sites in DuPage County. You can also go to the County courthouse complex in Wheaton to vote early.

Locations and hours for early voting are determined by each election authority.

Early voting timeline: 

  • First day - 40th day prior to an election

  • Last day - 1 day prior to an election

Beginning 15 days prior through the day before an election, several sites throughout DuPage County will offer early voting as well.  

Please Note: Once an early vote has been cast, the vote is final. The voter may not go to the polling place on Election Day to change a vote.

Who is running?

The link to find candidates is

Visit to see background information on every candidate and details on every referendum on the upcoming ballot.