Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice Director: Jennifer Larrabee, League of Women Voters Glen Ellyn

Latest Report: October 9, 2018

Juvenile Justice Report

Our last LWV program on Juvenile Justice in 2016 had Betsy Clark, the President and Founder of the Juvenile Justice Initiative, present on current policy. Therefore, Michelle Thorsell, Sally Fairbank and I thought it would be a nice complement to have a program that presents what is being done directly in our community to assist troubled youth in DuPage County.

 Shannon Hartnett is the Executive Director of Northeast DuPage Family and Youth Services (NEDFYS).

 Jennifer Hess is the DuPage County Juvenile Probation Program Manager. (waiting on confirmation)

 Kathy McNamara is a Senior Juvenile Probation Officer in DuPage County.  (waiting on confirmation)

 Here is a summary of discussion topics being considered which are relevant to DuPage County:

 -Scope of the issue: how many youth in the system now compared to in the past.

-Youth who are dually involved in the system

-The role of the Juvenile Justice Council in DuPage County

-Services for youth on probation

-The emphasis on deflecting and supporting youth vs. detaining youth

-New federal grant received to address the issue of girls in the juvenile justice system                   for domestic violence.


Submitted by:

Jennifer Larrabee


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