Local Issues

Local Issues Director: Karen Gorz, The League of Women Voters of Glen Ellyn

Our chapter of the League follows major issues of interest to our membership; each area is the responsibility of a local issues director.  They track legislation and items of particular timely interest. Our Observer Corps attends meetings to report back to the board and members on key issues.

LATEST REPORT: NOvember, 2017

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The Village of Glen Ellyn conducted a village-wide survey this past summer. The survey was conducted by a company that takes community surveys all over the United States. The survey results have been provided to the Village, but are not yet available to the public.

Of the surveys that went out, Glen Ellyn had a 34% return rate, which is very high rate of return. The usual return rate is about 17%.

The village has the option of benchmarking our community survey results with similar communities nearby such as Wheaton, Naperville and Hinsdale and some communities much farther afield but similar to Glen Ellyn in size, income and demographics. They used a total of 78 communities to compare to Glen Ellyn.