Local Issues

Local Issues Director: Karen Gorz, The League of Women Voters of Glen Ellyn

Our chapter of the League follows major issues of interest to our membership; each area is the responsibility of a local issues director.  They track legislation and items of particular timely interest. Our Observer Corps attends meetings to report back to the board and members on key issues.

LATEST REPORT: July 19, 2018

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Local Affairs Report

 Parking in the central business district is a recurring theme, brought up by many different businesses and residents to the board’s attention. The possible sites the village has designated as possible parking garage sites are the lot behind the Civic Center, the Main Street lot adjacent to Giesche’s, the lot behind the fire station and the lot opposite the vacant McChesney Miller site.  The focus is currently on the Civic Center site.  The board voted recently to proceed to have an engineering study done on the site, to explore the potential expense of such a project. 

There is much infrastructure planned, some of it already in process, with street improvements for Park and Main Streets, sidewalks near Glenbard West and Lake Ellyn, and an underpass improvement at the Taylor Avenue underpass to provide a safe pedestrian walk.  The underpass will still remain one-way for auto traffic. The project requires cooperation between Metra, Union Pacific, the State of IL and the village.  A delay in the original start date for the project was caused by a Union Pacific directive that the project would have the ability to support the weight of five train tracks.  

A longer term project is the consideration of updating the train station. It would be an expensive project, and the plan would be to secure federal funding to pay for part of the project, as was done in the updating of recent updating of the Wheaton and Elmhurst stations. One of the objectives for several of the board members in the project, would be to build a pedestrian underpass at the station at Forest Avenue.

All of the projects mentioned (and there are many more that I did not address in this report) are expensive, and the issue of prioritizing and paying for them is an ongoing consideration among the board members.  The Village of Glen Ellyn accounts for 6.43% of a tax bill on the 2016 tax bill on a village resident,  the Park District 4.96% and the Library is 4.20%.

All of the meetings and agenda details are on-line on the village website, villageofglenellyn.org.