Local Issues

Local Issues Director: Karen Gorz, The League of Women Voters of Glen Ellyn

Our chapter of the League follows major issues of interest to our membership; each area is the responsibility of a local issues director.  They track legislation and items of particular timely interest. Our Observer Corps attends meetings to report back to the board and members on key issues.

LATEST REPORT: November, 2018

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Local Affairs Report

So much is going on in the Village, and it all requires money.  One of the more interesting meetings I attended this month was a workshop where the Police Pension Fund was discussed.  The fund is currently funded at 61.1%.  In the past few years, the focus has been on lowering the assumption for the rate of return, which is currently at 6.5%.  The Village actuary Jason Franken and finance director Christina Coyle both attended this meeting.  The actuary recommended changing the model of how the Pension Fund is currently funded, to a different model, called the Open Model, to create a more consistent, realistic and methodical method of funding.  Currently the 2019 proposed Village budget provided for $1,771,000.00 contribution to the fund.  If the Open Model is adopted, the contribution would be $1,959,000.00.


A Village Board meeting followed the workshop, and at that meeting the proposed  2019 budget was discussed, but because of the Pension Fund discussion at the workshop, and the possible increase to the pension fund,  they were not prepared to proceed with the budget discussion.

All of the meetings and agenda details are on-line on the village website, villageofglenellyn.org.