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The easiest way is to register online via the Illinois Online Voter Application.

You can also look up your current voter status. You can visit the DuPage County Election Commission page to learn more.

For more information on voting in Illinois, visit the Illinois Board of Elections.

The League provides a very helpful voter guide.  

Please contact your state representative and ask her or him to Vote YES on overriding the Governor's veto of HB 0768, a bill that would stop the practice whereby the State Charter School Commission can hear appeals and override decisions by local school districts which deny charter applications.


According to the Charter School position reached by consensus of Leagues throughout the state and approved by the State Board in March 2017, "The authority for approving and renewing charters should reside exclusively in the local school board." Local school boards are responsible for protecting taxpayers' interests. Their decisions regarding charter schools should not be subjected to reversal.


Please urge your state Representative to vote YES for HB1252 to require every public elementary school to include civics education in its 6th, 7th or 8th grade curriculum.


Quality civics courses have tremendous impact. For example, when Florida introduced a required civics course in middle school, 61% of Florida students achieved proficiency in civics, compared to 22% of middle school students nationally in the most recent NAEP Civics Assessment.

Citizens with high levels of civic knowledge vote regularly and participate broadly in our democracy.


Please urge your state Senator to vote YES for SB2236 which requires sufficient appropriations for public schools before tax credits are awarded to send children to private schools.


The League opposes using public tax dollars to fund private schools. This bill would ensure that public schools are adequately funded before tax credits are used for private school scholarships.