Kristin Malone, Co-President

Kristin has been a member of League since 2002. She has been involved in voter registration and candidate forums. She is very interested in registering first-time voters and League’s ability to inform residents about local issues. Kristin works with Atria Park of Glen Ellyn and teaches yoga and pilates. In her spare time, she spends time with her family and walking her dog Bruni.


Erica Nelson, Co-president

Erica has been a member for five years and is committed to the education that the League provides on voter registration, voting rights and studies on important local and state issues. She wants to continue the League’s membership growth and increase knowledge about the League’s history and purpose during the 100th Anniversary in 2020. Erica is a faculty member for Business and Corporate Education and served as a school board member for 12 years. She enjoys spending time with her family in MN and MA each summer.


Jane Melvin,
Vice President-Communications

Jane joined the League in 2017 and helped revamp this website. She runs Strategic Innovations Group, a strategy and creativity practice, and co-founded Dancing with Chicago Celebrities, a charity that has raised and donated over $3 million to fund breast cancer research and access to care. Jane dances whenever possible.


Lucy Dallman,
Vice President-Programs

Lucy has held a number of different LWVGE board positions over the past 20ish years. She believes strongly in the Democratic process and how important it is for citizens to VOTE. She spends her work life as an art teacher at Ben Franklin school. What she dreams about is performing in her imaginary rock band!


Jodi Baltimore, Secretary

Jodi joined the Glen Ellyn League in 2018 and is happy to support the League by performing the duties of Secretary. She previously served in the role of New Member Orientation. Jodi finds the League a great opportunity to listen and learn. She is an accountant at an investment firm.


Judy Kinn, Treasurer

Judy, a long-time member, is currently treasurer. She previously served as voter services chair, voter editor, voter registrar, debate moderator, on committees, in study groups and in the book club. Judy enjoys the members of the League because they challenge her thinking and are passionate about improving the world.


Terri Gorski,

Terri joined the League in 2017. As Membership Director, she hopes to continue to grow the membership and educate the community about the work of the League. Terri expresses her creativity as a freelance interior designer. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, yoga and spending time with family.


Shawn Fasules,
Director-Voter Service

Shawn has been a member of the league for over 20 years. She has held various board positions including Co-President and had joyfully helped organized the League Book Club. She appreciates the knowledge she gains from attending meetings and participating in League studies. Shawn works as a controller of a manufacturing company and has two soon-to-be voters attending Glenbard West.